New Beginnings - 1/4/20

Miles Monroe defeated Chase Gold.

Cage & Crazii Shea defeated Nelson Bauer & Justin Evans.

Born to Wrestle defeated Too Glam & Dishonor to retain as the Eclipse Tag Team Champions.

Calvin Couture defeated Johnny Patch.

Freekshow's Man-Child vs Jordan Evans was interrupted by Madd Maxx Morrison.

Kit Raff defeated Jason Drake.

Adena Steele defeated Sahara Seven, Joseline Navarro, & Izzy McCoy to become Eclipse La Femme Champion.

Jesus Club defeated Project 13.

All For Nothing - 4/10/21

Blaqtus Jack defeated Baby Lotion Brown. 

AON Gemini Tag Team Champs The Regulators defeated Sweet Money. 

Cole Karter defeated Adonis Valerio to become #1 Contender for the Eclipse Heavyweight Championship.

Big Facts defeated THE Kenny Urban & Moonshine Sherman Walker. 

Kaci Dillon defeated Adena Steele in an open challenge to become the NEW Eclipse LaFemme Champion.

Sam Beale defeated Eric Martin to retain as Eclipse Legacy Champion. 

Jesus Club defeated Marshall Gambino, Stevie Labell, & Jason Tyler in an intense grudge match.


Love Hurtz - 2/1/20

Lestat defeated Miles Monroe, Chase Gold, and Anthony Young.

Nelson Bauer defeated Calvin Couture.
Adena Steele defeated Alyx Gates to retain as the La Femme Champion. 

Diamond City War Machines defeated Mad Company. 

Jesus Club defeated Bronco McBride in a handicap match.

Zack Rayne defeated Rev Ron Hunt to retain as Heavyweight Champion. 

Born to Wrestle defeated Too Glam to retain as the Tag Team Champions.

Ace Austin defeated Chris Banks, Mambo Italiano, Hardcore Hooven, Trajan Horn, King Joey P, and Kit Raff to retain as Impact Wrestling's X-Division Champion. 

Madd Maxx Morrison defeated Freekshow's Man-Child to retain as the Legacy Champion.

Rowena Rampage - 5/1/21

Jayce Karr defeated Chase Gold, Miles Monroe, & Anthony Young for a shot at the Eclipse Legacy Championship.

DeJuan O'Neal defeated Mambo Italiano.

Arcade Heroes defeated Elijah Crews & Dakoda Orion.

Jordan Evans defeated Brohemoth.

Kaci Dillon defeated Scarlett to retain as the Eclipse LaFemme Champion.

Jesus Club defeated The Hossmen, Lebell & Archer. 

Cole Karter defeated Tito Oric via count-out.

Freek Show defeated The Runway. 

Sam Beale defeated Jayce Karr to retain as the Eclipse Legacy Champion. 

Madd Maxx Morrison defeated Tahir James in a non-title match.

War 4 Territory - 9/5/20

Chris Cline & Evans Bros defeated Tahir James, Killian McMurphy, & Nelson Bauer. 

Nomad defeated the debuting Blaqtus Jack. 

Dax Hastings defeated Philip Archer. 

Simply Safe-ish defeated Jai Kole & AJ Alexander. After the match, Jai Kole was attached by AJ and Jesus Club. 

Charlie Gathers & Revel Southwell defeated Freek Show. 

O'Shay Edwards defeated Cizzko. 

Sicend defeated King Joey P, Demented Bradley, & The Baltimore Beast Mason Martin. 

Jesus Club defeated Born to Wrestle and The Regulators, becoming the NEW Eclipse Tag Team Champions. 

Zack Rayne & Madd Maxx Morrison vs Shane Malice & Mac Mayhem ends in a double count-out after Mayhem's injury and Maxx turned on his partner Zack Rayne and left the venue.

Back to the Bldg II - 7/10/21

Alejandro Avery defeated George Broman Jr, Gabriel Kai, & Bryan Simmons.

Tatiana defeated Dani Grey becoming #1 contender for the LaFemme title.

Jayce Karr defeated Anthony Young, with Sam Beale appearing after match.

Simply Safeish defeated Freek Show.

Madd Maxx Morrison & Ryan Nuzzi defeated Travis Sherman & J Boujii.

Jesus Club defeated Arcade Heroes. Marshall Gambino & Stevie LaBell appeared after the match challenging Jesus Club to a title match on the spot. Gambino & LaBell then defeated Jesus Club to become the NEW Eclipse Tag Team Champions. 

O'Shay Edwards defeated Kit Raff. 

Tatiana defeated Kaci Dillon to become the NEW Eclipse LaFemme Champion. 

Elijah Crews & Dakoda Orion defeated Sweet Money. 

Sam Beale defeated Tahir James to retain as  the Eclipse Legacy Champion.

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