New Beginnings - 1/8/22

Battered & Bruised - 5/7/22

Road to Glory 2 - 8/13/22

River the Sickopath defeated Joshua Kavod. 

Jayce Karr versus Kit Raff ended in a draw after an expired 10-minute time limit.

Eric Martin defeated Travis Jacobs. 

Man-Child defeated Dewey Murray to retain as the AON 814 Champion after AC Norway had Man-Child put the title on the line. 
Jesus Club defeated Arcade Heroes to retain their titles. After the match was over, Sweet Money Inc. cashed in the Rail King crown and became the NEW Eclipse Tag Team Champions. 

Adena Steele defeated Ronii Flores & The Unwilting Tatiana to become the NEW Eclipse LaFemme Champion. 
Taylor X defeated Sam Beale to retain as the Eclipse Legacy Champion.

Rev Ron Hunt defeated Madd Maxx Morrison to become the NEW Eclipse Heavyweight Champion.

Kit Raff defeated Tad Jarvis. 

Freek Show defeated Arcade Heroes. 

Damian Chambers defeated Johnny Moran. 

The Mastodon Rosh defeated Stevie LeBell via disqualification after Stevie hit Rosh with a bat in the ring. 

Elijah Crews defeated Geddy Cahoon.

Sweet Money Inc defeated Westfield Kelly & Nick Battee. 

Taylor X defeated Steven Stetson to retain as the Eclipse Legacy Champion. 

John Rodin defeated Joshua Kavod via submission to retain as the acting Eclipse Heavyweight Champion from earlier in the night when owner AC Norway awarded The Rev Ron Hunt's belt to John Rodin, after The Rev Ron Hunt didn't show.

Elijah Crews & Dezmon King defeated Tad Jarvis & Cowpoke Paul. 

Joey P defeated Man-Child. 

The Apex defeated Static Age. 

Project X defeated JJ Rumham to retain as the Eclipse Legacy Champion. 

Cocky Johnson defeated Steven Stetson. 

O'Shay Edwards defeated Stevie LeBell. 

The Rev Ron Hunt defeated Rico Hendrix to retain as the Eclipse Heavyweight Champion. 

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